Help Get LCpl. Van Fleet Hired!

I have a bit of a favor to ask from my readers today. There’s a young Marine that goes to my church by the name of LCpl. Brian Van Fleet who needs some help in his “blue-to-gray” transition. He’s currently stationed out of the Willow Grove NAS/JRB and he’s been back in the States for a few months after serving a tour of duty in the Gulf during the buildup and initial phase of the Iraq war. Brian is an ordnance technician and has specialized in maintaining fire control systems on the UH-1W Cobra helicopters (you know, the ones you’ve seen on CNN pounding “insurgents” in Fallujah). He has his secret clearance and is current on all of his training.
He’s currently looking for a job that won’t take him away from his wife and daughters again, which is pretty much guaranteed if he re-ups with the Marines come end of summer. He and his family would also like to stay in the Philly area, as they are tied in with our church and the community and like living here. He would love to get a job in the military contracting business, and I would love to personally help him out, but, unfortunately, the contractor I work for doesn’t have any positions for fire control field experts in our area (all those positions are in Orlando) and Boeing scrapped the Comanche, so their Philly area plant is currently hurting quite a bit.
So, here’s the favor: if you work for a firm that could use a good man like Brian, or, heck, if you own a firm that could use him, then please contact me. I will get you a copy of his resume and then put you in direct contact with him. Obviously, it would help if your firm had a location in the general Philly area (I’d say Downingtown on the West, Cherry Hill on the East, Doylestown on the North, South Philly/N. Delaware on the South), but Brian is open to moving if necessary.
Thanks in advance.