Grillmaster 2004

Apologies in advance for this foray into Likeksian domestic tranquility, but today was so nice that it deserves its own dedicated post. Of course, I’m not in complete Bleat compliance, as I have no dog to anthropomorphize, this site is probably the closest thing I’ll ever have to a syndicated column and a precocious three year old daughter is at least three years, nine months away. It does involve Target and I hail from Minnesota, so that has to count for something, right?
Today started off as most Sundays do: we woke up later than we should have and rushed out the door on the way to church. We made it a bit late (we missed the first song) but worship was good and our pastor’s sermon was good, as well. We grabbed a paper at Wawa on the way home and spent much of the afternoon napping and reading the paper. Then came dinner time.
Aha! Now, the meat (haw!) of the story.
I’ve been wanting to fire up the grill for a while now, but good taste dictates that one wait until at least May to light that ceremonial first briquette. Seeing as today is officially part of the month of May and the weather was breezy but pleasant, I couldn’t resist. The mini Weber hadn’t been used all winter and needed a good scrubbing (note to self: don’t leave Weber on back porch all winter again) in order to clear the grill of rust, spider detritus and the remainders of the last cookout of Fall 2003. It felt good to sit out on my back porch with the wind blowing and have no distractions, other than the occasional tough bit of rust.
Once I finished scrubbing down the grill itself, I retrieved the new set of grilling tools we bought at Target a while back. They’ve just been sitting under the sink, calling my name – “Doooouuuggg! You want to use us! We must get our first taste of grilled meat!” Now, technically, this may be a violation of the Official Men’s Code, Section 32, Subsection A – “Meat Selection for Use Over Open Flame”, but we had no burgers or steaks, so I had to content myself with some sausages.
No matter. The sausages plumped pleasantly and ended up being just perfect for this mid-Spring evening. I look forward to many more opportunities to grill throughout this coming summer.
Life is good.