Whoa Momma

I went to see Bubba Ho-Tep again this past Friday, but this time I managed to drag my wife and Aron and Heather along as well.
One of our local theaters is a small, independently-owned affair called the Baederwood 2 and it has taken to playing “cult” hits at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. This weekend they were playing Bubba Ho-Tep as well as the Rocky Horror Picture Show as their cult hits o’ the week, so, although the chances of being trampled to death by fishnet-wearing transvestites, annoying cheerleaders and large men in tuxedos was rather high, we decided to brave the late hour showing and take in the film.
It turned out that we were the only four attendees of this showing, which was great. We were able to sit in the precise center of the theater and got to yuk it up with each other for the duration of the film.
While I had thoroughly enjoyed BHT the first time I saw it, I believe my appreciation of the film went up on a second viewing. When the final credits rolled, Aron, Heather and my wife all proceeded to agree that, yes, it was an entertaining film, even if it was a little heavy on the “penis jokes” in the early goings.
Which brings me to the fact that, verily, I shall be obtaining the DVD edition when it is released on May 25th. And, lo, there shall be viewings of it alongside Army of Darkness and possibly Evil Dead 2, forsooth.
It’s time to take care of bizness, baybeh. Uh huh.