Arp! Arp! Arp!

Too tired to post much at the moment. We just got back from the Mets game today (thanks P&J) and saw Tom Glavine pitch a one-hit shutout complete game. A few observations, though.

  1. New York should not, under any circumstances, be chosen to host the ’12 Olympics. If the IOC is idiotic enough to grant their proposal, I can only imagine the 400,000 foreigners leaning out of their car windows, yelling at other drivers as traffic on the George Washington Bridge sits at a standstill. I imagine the visitors and dignitaries in their cabs will be fairly irate as well. (Ba-dum, chinnng!)
  2. I don’t care what anybody says: Whippany, NJ has to be one of the funniest town names ever. I mean, just say it. “Whippany”.
  3. Ho-ho-kus, NJ is also a funny name.
  4. My bad customer service mojo is firmly intact, as proven by an incident in the Paterson Pizzeria Uno. Details to follow.