Nostalgia-Inducing Music

I’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship with remixed video game music. Back in college, before MP3s had really and truly taken root in the collective American media consumer psyche, there were many young artists providing MIDI remixes of some of the greatest video game titles, and Lo! They were Good. However, MIDIs began to lose their shine once Napster came onto the scene and I was able to obtain “high quality” (“Like, wow! 128kbps, man!”) copies of legitimate music. I soon forgot about those glorious MIDI remixes.
I’ve “stumbled” over OverClocked Remix several times over the past two or three years and from my samplings, Lo! It is Good as well. The wonders contained within its hallowed virtual halls include (but are not limited to) fully instrumentalized versions of the Castlevania theme, “Rammstein” remixes of River City Ransom music, and more swing/jazz/lounge remixes of the Super Mario Brothers theme than you can shake a stick at. However, I had largely forgotten OCRemix until the other day when I discovered that you could download the first 1000 remixes by means of two very convenient Torrents. If you’ve any interest in video games, music, or the study of geek culture, I suggest you immediately order your computer to do thy bidding and download those 1000 files as soon as is feasible.
Not sure what BitTorrent is or how to use it? Head on over to the official BitTorrent site and download it first, hit their FAQ and then hit Freshmeat to perhaps find a BT client more to your liking.
And, if the OCR stuff hits your sweet spot, you may want to hit A lot of their stuff is straight MIDI (gasp!) rips directly from the old games themselves.
Happy downloading! And remember to leave BitTorrent running after you’re done downloading as it helps others to get the same files you just ungraciously leeched off your fellow netizens. *chuckle*


  1. What torrent program are you using, I just go to sites and leech. Are you using a Morpheous-esque program?

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