“There Was A Little Spanish Flea…”

The crew at work has been putting together a little two-day demo for VIPs inside our company for a while and, in pursuit of making our offices look presentable and even, dare I say it, corporate, they’ve been doing various and sundry things, such as putting up a nameplate and a very impressive top-lit corporate logo downstairs and adding artwork to the halls, as well as posting photos from all the various projects that we’ve had a hand in. It’s nice, but I think they may have taken it a step too far.
You see, they’ve begun piping music into the restrooms via the in-house intercomm system – and not just any ordinary music, mind you. They’ve hooked the P.A. system to Sunny 104.5, or, as I like to call it, “Elevator music before they strip the lyrics out”. It’s practically unbearable. There’s just something wrong about attempting to use the facilities while “Brown Eye Girl” plays in the background.
Although, I do have to admit that there is something eerily appropriate about listening to Sunny “Kenny G. – Yay!” 104.5 in the bathroom…

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