“Guilty” Movie Pleasures

Jay Tea over at Wizbang seems to think it’s a problem to own, let alone like Hot Shots (Un and Deux), UHF, Galaxy Quest and Mystery Men and refers to them by the derrogatory “campy” label. Pfeh! says I! A person shouldn’t be ashamed of any of those choices.
Mystery Men may well be one of the most endearing send ups/homages to the great superhero tradition this side of The Tick (and the recently-released, magnificent The Incredibles) and I proudly own the DVD. UHF? Got that sucker on VHS, baby.
He’s also left some obvious choices off the list and, if he’s smart, he’ll run out and grab:

  • Top Secret! – Any spoof fan worth his salt should have this one already.
  • Army of Darkness – Bruce Campbell even admits he’s a B-movie actor and AoD is his piece de resistance. (Heck, if you’re a real Campbell fan, throw in Bubba Ho-Tep while you’re at it).
  • Clue – Brilliantly goofy camp.

If you have any further suggestions, leave ’em in the comments.


I didn’t want to brag, but I WORE OUT two VHF copies of UHF. I’m now seeing just how long it takes me to wear out a DVD.
So put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

In my defense, I only listed the DVDs I own, and I don’t happen to own Top Secret! just yet. I think it’ll get put on the wish list, though…

Heh. Any movie that features the lyrics to the East German National “Anthem” is great in my book:

“Heil Heil East Germany
Land of vine and grape
Land where you’ll regret
Any try to escape
No matter if you take a running jump,
or tunnel under the wall
Forget it, the guards will kill you–
if the electrified fence doesn’t first”