Blogging From The In-Laws: Days 6 & 7

I think I’ve eaten more food in the past two days than a small east African nation. We’re currently stationed at my wife’s grandmother’s house and, in the grand tradition of Southern grandmothers, she always puts out quite a spread.

While the cheese spreads on crouton-esque bread is bad enough (in a caloric, not gustatory fashion, mind you), they’re far exceeded by the white chocolate-covered popcorn, fudge, and chocolate chip cookies which carry a deliciously deadly payload of Snickers at their centers.

Ugh. I couldn’t eat anover boit. I moit frow up.

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  1. So your backup plan is a blogger? Good to know that I am using the backup plans software! Anyways, have a meeent it is wahfer thin. And who has the puke bucket?

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