So Entranced… Can’t Look Away

It’s no French erotic film, Hyakugojyuuichi, or Badger Badger Badger (or the corresponding Footy Footy Footy), let alone a Yatta! or a Tunak Tunak Tan, but, like an Internet train wreck, I find myself unable to look away from Numa Numa.
I’m deeply, deeply sorry for the psychological scarring that is sure to result from clicking on those links.
Source: American Digest.


  1. You forgot the singing hamsters.

  2. Egads! You’re right!
    Hmmm. Can’t seem to find the original anywhere… All the sites that I’ve come across after a hasty Google search have a crappy remixed version.

  3. I am very distressed that you have been unable to contain and control yourself.
    BTW a link to the original (with subtitles) is now up on my site.

  4. Yes, well, I would try to come up with a rejoinder, Mr.-Smarty-Pants-Posting-Enthralling-Links, but I’m currently unable to function, due to “Mai-ia-hee, Mai-ia-hoo!” incessantly running through my brain.
    Curse you!

  5. […] does this website endorse going for a drive with Mr. T.. It’s not going to supplant Numa Numa, but it’s catchy. Posted by Doug in Humor, C […]

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