Public Service Announcement

For those looking for a pleasurable way to spend a lunch hour, I would heartily recommend against spending it under the “care” of a dental hygenist, unless you particularly enjoy having spiky metal implements shoved between your gums and teeth, repeatedly, then scraped around with an accompanying nauseating sound.
I swear she actually separated my gum from my teeth at one point and used her index finger to check gum depth…

2 Replies to “Public Service Announcement”

  1. If you want some real fun get some sensitive teeth and then let them scrape at them with the pick of pain. Luckily that is the only thing wrong with my teeth (27 years and no cavities!), I guess that is what you get for being raised in a family that had a basement stocked in toothpaste and the likes!

  2. On my last visit, they used some kind of a water pick instead of the metal utensils. It was a much more pleasant experience.
    Of course having a hot hygenist helps too.

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