Your Scottish Slang Word O’ The Day: Bourach

Fifteenth in a series
(boor·ach) Dialect, chiefly Scot ~n.
1. small hill or mound.
2. disorganized heap or mass (as in “Last went and it turned intae a right bourach“).
3. a crowd or group of people.
4. a small, humble house.
5. a muddle; mess; state of confusion (often in “That room o’ yours is a total bourach. Get in there an’ get it tidied!“).
[editor’s note: I’ve got a bunch more of these. Should I continue?]

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as a Scot who left the country many years ago i find myself remembering my family conversations,i often wish some of my siblings were still around to help me remember just how” broad” we were when we spoke ,seeing some of the words in your slang word of the day does just that for me,i recall my teacher in Moray House saying to us one day ..”leave your slang outside the school ”
we thought we were talking English i guess ,anyways i love to recall my family conversations on people and events it was a beautiful “language” and a word could say so much..thank you for this page .

I love being able to show some of my friends old Scottish words. They read a book with some of them in it, call and ask me what the meaning is…… I give them a site to go to. I miss this old tongue when I go home to Scotland and hear Hiya………….I want our young people to appreciate the colour of our old language….Keep up this wonderful site. Thank You

Bourach is not a slang word it is from the Gaelic! In fact I object to the use of the word slang to describe words from the Scots tongues!! It is demeaning and smacks of Colonialism!!

I’ve been repeatedly educated on this very subject, in these very comment sections, but am now prisoner to Google search results! Help! *grin*

I mean zero, ZERO disrespect to Scots, seeing as how my ancestry hails from those heathered moors.

Please change your title to “Scottish Word o’ the Day” Scots is a dialect and Gaelic is a language. The term slang is insulting !

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