Your Scottish Slang Scots Word O’ The Day: Teuchter

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(choo·chter) Dialect, chiefly Scot ~n.
1. (trad.) one who derives from the Highlands of Scotland (a Highlander); more commonly used by city folk to describe rural dwellers.
2. Gaelic-speaker (mostly to each other) esp. at strange Gatherings known as Mods [definitely not Rockers]. Occasionally partakes of a wee dram (see also heuchter teuchter).

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9 Replies to “Your Scottish Slang Scots Word O’ The Day: Teuchter”

    1. Erm, Sassanach is Gaelic for ‘Saxon’ -not foreigner. So it absolutely does mean exactly “Englishmen”.

      1. Andrew:
        I was confused at first until I realized you were replying to that inbound link. Looks like it was a forum post that linked to my post. Clicking the link says that the forum post no longer exists.
        In any event, thanks for the linguistic derivation!

    1. generally lowlanders,by older people sometimes whichever clan they fell under,by younger people often the specific town they are from,nairn is nairnics,forres folk are pronounced for’ee’shans(forgot how its spelt),even tiny wee vilages have a specific name

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