We Interrupt This Broadcast For The Important Following Announcement

VizaWeb has apparently tracked down and disabled the offending mysql hogs and foresee no further service interruptions, which is a welcome bit of news for this blogger, I can tell you that much.
In other LB news, if you’ve visited any of the comment pages recently, you’ll notice I’ve installed AuthImage for WordPress which has cut my comment spam to zero, at least for the time being. However, based upon multiple sources (including good old nobrainer) I believe I may be moving to SpamKarma, instead, as this won’t present any problems for those of you using text-only browsers.
Now back to your regularly scheduled programming, which should probably contain a quick read of David Horowitz’s piece on the Ward Churchill debacle (and why Churchill shouldn’t be fired), The Law of “The Simpsons” (for all you legal eagles out there), Professor Bainbridge’s amusing Tinseltown photoblogging, Frank J.’s summation of our enemy Iran and yet another story of bias in the press and our servicemen being shafted by said press.
That is all.