Valuable Advice For Bloggers Of All Stripes

How To Start Your Very Own Blog In Fifty-One Easy Steps!
There’s some very timely and helpful advice contained in that article, such as:

3. Consider one of the many pre-made website templates offered by the blogging service, or one created by you.
4. Turn your nose up in disgust at the thought of using a pre-made template for your blog.
5. Spend the next seventeen hours creating a functioning website from scratch. If using Microsoft FrontPageTM, relocate all children and elders to a safe area out of your “profanity zone”.
6. Complete your self-made blog template by clicking on the “Publish Website” command in Microsoft FrontPageTM.
7. Watch in shock as the aforementioned seventeen hours of hard work gets permanently deleted off your hard drive by Microsoft FrontPageTM.
8. Swear so loudly all dogs within a five block radius begin running in circles and howling.


One Reply to “Valuable Advice For Bloggers Of All Stripes”

  1. I like steps:
    15. Stand up and get an alcoholic beverage to calm you.
    17. Cast resentful looks at your computer monitor while drinking the alcoholic beverage.
    34. Stand up and get another drink.
    38. Stand up and get a third drink to calm you down from the blogging experience.
    44. Stand up and get a much larger, stronger drink.
    Yeah, even blogging can be a drinking game.

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