I’m “Hip”. I’m “With It”.

Microsoft, in an attempt to help all those parents out there troubled by their leet-speekin’ kids, now offers a “helpful” primer on just how to understand your otherwise unintelligible progeny. They offer such valuable advice as “Rules of grammar are rarely obeyed” (duh) and “Mistakes are often uncorrected”.
They also offer tips on how to deal with “online bullies” (“griefers” in their terminology, or would that be “gr13f3rs”?), such as “Ignore them” and “Do something else”.
That ought to prepare parents for the wild hinterlands of the Internet.


This hip new ‘leet’ speak thing frightens me. I thought the smiley faces were clever enought. Does this mean that kids are going to have mad typing skills when they get older?

Probably. I can only take consolation in the realization that each successive generation gets “hipper” than the last, so eventually these leet kiddies will have their grandchildren saying to them “Where’s your BioInterNet Implant, grampa? How do you play Halo 9 on a regular screen? We just see it in our heads…”