Egads, Zounds And All That Rubbish!

Apologies for the postless Monday – I myself spent most of it in bed or in a half-conscious daze, as apparently some form of alien lifeform crawled into my sinus cavities and expired some time late Sunday night. I woke up Every. Bleedin’. Half. Hour. on Sunday night/Monday morning, leaving me a croaking, dessicated husk of a man come 6:30am Monday. Posting should resume its normal fitful pace today.

2 Replies to “Egads, Zounds And All That Rubbish!”

  1. Wow thats a lott of vocabulary, Mr. Chromey would be proud. Also you are getting some wierd warning involving arrrays on top of the page. As that may be annoying the plus side is that your comments area is finally fitting in the page and at the top unlike before where you would have to imagine what you were typing for the rightmost 20 letters and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to get to the comment section.

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