Attention, Producers Of ABC’s “Lost”

I, at potentially great risk of personal sacrifice, hereby announce that I am available to play a secondary character, or even star in, the second season of “Lost”, should it happen to be made.
I know that being paid great sums of money to be filmed in Hawaii represents an almost insurmountable difficulty for anyone and so, should you happen upon any casting difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
PS: The monster is actually Mecha Godzilla, right? Or is it some sort of mechanical Nazi demon?

2 Replies to “Attention, Producers Of ABC’s “Lost””

  1. GODZIRRA!! I too will volunteer my time for the second season, I have never watched the show so I will be super surprised by the mecha neo nazi barbara streisand-zilla monster thingy!

  2. ABC, are you listening? You now have two offers on the table from aspiring actors, one of whom has been told he looks alternately like Dean Cain and Matt Damon and the other who can be made up to look strikingly like a svelte Kevin Smith.

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