A Few Quick Questions For My Reader(s?)

I’ve installed a few new plugins around here and, while they seem to work for me, I want to make sure that everyone is benefitting from them. Thus, the following questions:

  1. When you go to the comments section on a post and begin typing in comments, do you see the comment preview? What browser(s) have you tried it with?
  2. Do you see the “Sign me up for a free Gravatar!” link below the comment form? Once again, browser level (and OS, if possible) would be appreciated.
  3. How is the site loading for you these days? Slowly, quickly, not-so-fast, etc.
  4. Have you noticed any rendering/layout issues? Do they prevent you from reading the site? Are they annoying?

Thanks in advance for your help on these issues.

8 Replies to “A Few Quick Questions For My Reader(s?)”

  1. On XP Pro, as viewed in Firefox and IE, I see the following:
    Comment previews work. As does the Gravatar link. Thing is, they’re way down at the bottom of the entire page.
    Site speed seems most satisfactory to me.
    Rendering/layout…well, the comments/Gravatar link is Item #1. In IE, things really get…interesting. (Hope you don’t mind that I’ve linked to a couple screenies.) Once I start typing in the comment form, the form…explodes. It extends well beyond the column on my right. It contracts to its normal size when I mouseover items in your upper menu. And speaking of that column on my right…IE chews it up a little bit.

  2. Zoinks! Thanks for the feedback. That IE rendering is indeed a problem.
    I guess I’ll need to get ahold of a Windows box with IE on it to start looking at this error.
    Curse me and my Linux-exclusive development process!

  3. On Win2000 with Firefox….
    1. the preview is working, but it’s way down beneath the Gravatar link. It seems that the preview was working for me a few days ago, I think when I was at home with XP and firefox.
    2. See comment 1.
    3. fine
    4. No problems… definitely some issues with IE though. Pretty much what Michael was saying.

  4. Right now I’m using Firefox on Win XP–another comment when I get home.
    1. Comment preview looks good. I wondered where it would go, then realized the “white space” moved down the more I typed to expand the section and make room for the comment.
    2. I don’t see a link.
    3. Loading the same as always.
    4. See comment #1.

  5. With Firefox 3/14 nightly on WinXP home edition:
    1. Yup, see comment preview as soon as I start typing.
    2. Don’t see the gravatar sign up, but that may be because I already have one.
    3. Loading just fine for me, but then again I have cable.
    4. No layout problems on this end.

  6. I was on IE last night trying to leave a comment but the button wouldn’t work. Also the comment box was all the way at the bottom. I also could not see any of the comments, but saw a bunch of boxes with “strike” and stuff. BUT! The comment preview and the gravatar were together with the comment box. On firefox the gravatar and comment preview are at the bottom of the page while the comment box is under the last comment. that is all.

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