Linux Desktop Eyecandy Geek-Out Moment Of The Day

Okay, this is wickedly cool. The GNOME hackers over at RedHat have been working on a while slew of nifty extensions to the xorg X server and have been adding some effects that not even Mac OSX (the current king of frivolous desktop eye candy) can put out at the moment. Dig some videos of “Wobbly Windows” in action.
To top it all off, this stuff is going to be included in some future release of Metacity (GNOME’s current default window manager). It will require a GL-capable video card, but there’s scarcely a machine out there today that doesn’t have such a card. The demo movies were recorded on an IBM laptop with integrated Intel video, so performance shouldn’t be an issue on anything newer than a GeForce3, I’d say.
And they’re giving this stuff away! Sweet.