Pop Vs. Soda – The Debate Continues

As anyone with any Midwestern education knows, cabonated flavored drinks are correctly referred to as “pop”. However, the trite and disgusting alternative “soda” is widely used in my particular section of the country and it has caused me no end of linguistic strife. Long have I struggled against the “soda” partisans, to no good effect.
All hope is not lost, though! My wife stumbled upon a county-by-county map that helpfully tracks the generally-used name for soft drinks in the U.S..
From that map, it is easy to see that the South lies firmly in the grip of the nonsensical “Coke” notation, while the vile “soda” holds sway in the Midatlantic states, New England and California/Arizona (and, inexplicably, a large portion of Arkansas Missouri, as well). Clearly, though, the vast swath of blue, from western Pennsylvania to the tip of Washington State confirms that I am, in fact, in the majority. Everyone else, please begin to comply with the naming scheme or face the consequences.
Thank you.


Heh. My wife is a Texan and also emphatically maintains the inherent value of the “Coke” notation. That’s fine and a bit more acceptable than the ever-present “soda” ’round these parts.
‘Course, she’s a blatant Coke partisan and would rather drink straight pickle juice than swig Pepsi, so I don’t know how seriously we should take her opinions. *grin*

Nope, you’re all wrong. It’s soda and when I ask for one; I’m tired of all these dang-blasted Midwesterns lookin’ at me funny!
Raised in North Carolina, been living in Iowa for years.

Bah, quiet, you! You’re breaking the impression that we Midwesterners offer a united front against the vile forces of “soda” drinkers!