Last Month In Satire

There were several great satire pieces posted last week by two notables of the genre: Iowahawk and Sean Gleeson. I neglected to post them in a timely manner, but that doesn’t mean that you should be deprived of a good chuckle.
First off, Iowahawk’s pieces, in which he mercilessly skewers the university professorial lifestyle:

  • iowahawk: College Professors Denounce Western Culture, Move to Caves.
  • Profs Gone Wild! Extreme Ultimate Spring Break Volume 6. To wit: “Get ready for even more of the ultimate spring break intellectual experience! You won’t believe the academic insanity as Iowahawk’s Dave Burge and his inquiring camera crew catch real live college faculty getting their freak on at the beach… in the clubs…. even the hot transgressive action back in their hotel symposia! From Rocky Mountain ski lodges to the beaches of Florida and Cuba, to the hot sun of Texas and across the border to Mexico where anything goes, this all-new video is the biggest, craziest, most blazing Profs Gone Wild spring break video yet! Profs Gone Wild: Extreme Ultimate Spring Break Volume 6 – It’s Hot, Tenured, and Out of Control!”
  • We finish up with the script of a classic 1969 Ward Churchill-based sitcom: Chutch, Hawaiian Style!

Gleeson was also in prime form, offering us:

  • The true origins of a very popular, well-known breakfast cereal.
  • A diversity disclaimer for his site.
  • Finally, he announced an historic deal with NAPA Auto Parts.

Peruse their sites, won’t you? They’re definitely worthy of your traffic and your time.
Plus, they’re funny.

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