Hosting Status Update

More downtime information, straight from the horse’s mouth:

Unfortunately the testing last night of the primary hard drive indicated permanent physical damage to the platters and the hard drive will have to be replaced. We have established the window for the replacement to be after 2AM CST on Saturday April 2nd, 2005.
In preparation for the replacement, operating system reload, and backup restoration, we will be taking an emergency backup staring tonight at 12:01 AM CST April 1st, 2005. This window will last approximately 1-2 hrs and during that time, we will disable the web server so that the backup is completed in as timely a manner as possible. This is the backup that we will restore from on Saturday morning, so please do not make changes to your site after that time until you recieve another e-mail that your site has been restored. Those of you using mysql databases need not worry as we will also take a last minute mysql backup right before the server is brought offline.

So there you have it. Expect some downtime late tonight/early tomorrow. I’m thinking I’ll do a quick tar of the site contents and a mysqldump to save at least the articles, etc., as insurance against the worst happening.
On the plus side of things, this may result in some performance improvement for the site. Net benefit: me. Net loss: all y’all that have to listen to/read my daily blatherings. *grin*