You Might Be A Redneck If…

To add fuel to Nobrainer’s Wal Mart fire, not only is Wal Mart “responsible” for costing the taxpayers of the US $1.6B a year, it’s also responsible for helping launch Jeff Foxworthy’s career, thereby costing a goodly-sized portion of the US roughly $30 apiece in order to purchase Blue Collar Comedy Tour and Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again, so, you know, they’re heinous.
Unless you’re not a snotty upper-West Side resident sipping your venti Starbucks latte, glancing condescendingly through your reading glasses at what might as well be called Tales from the Mentally Challenged Portion of the Country I Used To Love, as far as you’re concerned. In which case, that was $30 well spent, yessirree.

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