What A Flaming Jerk.

It seems as though the “gentleman” who recently discovered a fingertip in his frozen custard refused to give the tip back to its rightful owner. Had he done so, doctors could have reattached it. This chucklehead (one “Clarence Stowers”) decided that he wanted to win a lawsuit more than he wanted to be a kind and decent human being.
I hope Brandon Fizer (the finger’s rightful owner) sues the pants off Stowers. Stowers should be ashamed to show his greedy, selfish, good-for-nothing face in public ever again.

2 Replies to “What A Flaming Jerk.”

  1. Yeah, the new possessor of the finger is a jerk. But this story is full of “how the hell did that happens?”.
    For example, this is the 2nd case of a misplaced digit at the place in less than a year. Why isn’t there better safety training for the offending finger lopper? Furthermore, why was the newly misplaced finger allowed to reach a customer?
    -“What’s that? You lost a finger?”
    -“And you don’t know where it is now?”
    -“But you lost it in that machine there?”
    -“Well let me get you to the ER. Oh, while we’re gone you guys over there make sure you get that new batch of custard out of the machine and to the front of the store”

  2. I’ll go out on a limb and agree with you here, nobrainer. Generally, in the case of loss of digit or limb in the food service industry, it’s probably a good, nay, great idea to shut down the premises until said digit/limb is found and appropriately dealt with.
    Unless you’re running a cannibal restaurant. Then all bets are off, I guess.

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