Absolutely Disgusting

Word has just hit the ‘net that a deal on judicial fillibusters has been reached. I can’t even begin to describe how angry I am at the GOP at the moment.
Below is the text of the letter I just sent to Santorum:

Senator Santorum:
Words cannot express just how disgusted and disappointed I am with the Republican party at the moment. Word has just come out regarding the “compromise” offered up by your “Republican” colleagues in the Senate.
I realize that the parties responsible read like a veritable Who’s Who of moderate-to-RINO Republicans, but I believe that each and every Republican Senator ought to be hanging their heads in shame this evening.
We, the electorate of the US, chose Republican legislative majorities so that legislation in accordance with our views and judges in line with our philosophies could be enacted and confirmed and to see the GOP fold at the very last minute breaks my heart.
I no longer see any value in continuing a GOP majority in the Congress, as (at least in the Senate) you seem to be permanently comitted to a losers’/minority party mindset, unwilling to make any hard decisions or cast any tough votes.
I am therefore comitting to punishing the GOP in the only way I know how: by withholding my vote. I will not be voting for you in the 2006 election. This collapse on judges (as well as your endorsing of Senator Specter over the eminently more conservative and stiff-spined Pat Toomey) has cost you this life-long GOP’ers vote.
Perhaps it will take an electoral defeat of stunning proportions to make the Senate Republicans understand just how angry their spineless behavior on this issue makes the conservative base.
I thank you for your time.

The usual RINO suspects are apparently responsible, as well as Warner. Poof! goes any notion of me voting for him in the primaries in ’08.
UPDATE: A post in which I offer a recantation of the vituperation.


Amen to that brother! I was thinking the exact thing when I heard that they “reached a compromose”. What the hell is that, there is no compromise you vote it out not deal it out dammit.

Mind the cussing, if you please. I’m trying to run a family-friendly blog here, goldurnit!