Turning Crisis Into A Humorous Opportunity

As an intrepid blogger faced with a server crash and data loss, would you:
A) Whine, complain and swear vengeance on your hosting company.
B) Blame the vagaries of the Internet[s], throw up your hands in disgust and resign yourself to the situation.
C) Wrack your brain in an attempt to recreate the lost content.
D) Develop an interesting and humorous story regarding the downtime and data loss involving Condoleeza Rice, Tron and the kidnapping of the President.
Well, fortunately for those of us in the viewing public, Sean Gleeson, when faced with just such a dilemma, opted for choice D.

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  3. as an intrepid blogger myself, i print out my blog posts the last day of every month. i have nighmares about my blog crashing.

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