Anti-American Propaganda For Fun And Profit

Jeff Harrell over at The Shape of Days notes an extremely well-produced piece of Leftist idiocy decrying the “Project for a New American Century” as a neo-conservative (read: conservative Jews, in Lefty Speak) cabal intent on world domination through “war corporatism”, whatever that might be. Its script is entirely uninteresting, as it is the same conspiracy lunacy that has been floating around the collective consciousness of the moonbat Left since Bush’s victory in 2000. However, its presentation is absolutely amazing from a graphic arts point of view. It’s a shame, really – such talent wasted on mere “black helicopter” theories.

There is a ray of hope for these deluded souls, however: there is little chance of them ever being recognized by the Academy Awards despite having gained their fame and prominence by merit of being the chief propagandist of a hideous totalitarian regime so, you know, they’ve got that going for them.