Random Geeky IM Conversation With Brad

ZaMoose610: speaking of BT, Friday’s BSG is almost done being pulled down…
Incubus188: I am watching it right now
Incubus188: DL’d Stargates and Battlestar last night
ZaMoose610: what a great show
Incubus188: yeah
Incubus188: Lauren laughs at me when I start watching my geek shows
Incubus188: she’s mean
Incubus188: ๐Ÿ˜›
Incubus188: I told her that she will breed geeks…..she stopped laughing
Incubus188: LOL
ZaMoose610: heh
ZaMoose610: well, half geeks at least
ZaMoose610: as anyone knows, 50% is enough to tip the scales
Incubus188: mudblood geeks
ZaMoose610: heh
ZaMoose610: so Lauren’s a muggle?
Incubus188: I guess so
ZaMoose610: egads, that was extra geeky, wasn’t it?
Incubus188: saturated with geek sir