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While hurricane Katrina and her aftermath are no laughing matter, Greg Gutfeld’s declaration of martial law over at the Huffington Post definitely cuts to the humor bone:

Because of the mass disaster taking place in New Orleans, i feel i must declare martial law on the huffpo. Therefore, posters may be shot with a paint gun on sight:
1) for pretty much ignoring world class tragedy in the gulf coast because it didn’t happen in an NPR-approved third world country and therefore cannot be blamed on American indifference.
2) for trying to tie the ‘natural’ disaster to global warming, the evil bush family or any political opponent, like, say Haley Barbour.
Or not waiting, say, 5 minutes before the bodies are fished out of the water to attempt to make political gain of tragedy. Boldness Points: For a Kennedy issuing blame over an event that involved drowning.

To push you over your humor quota for the day, I present three entries from McSweeney’s:

  1. Klingon Fairy Tales featuring such age-old tales as “Goldilocks Dies With Honor at the Hands of the Three Bears” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb. It Was Delicious”.
  2. Ten Precepts From The Art Of War That Never Made It Past Sun TZU’s Editor with bits of wisdom like “When you sally forth to meet the enemy, show your contempt for him by the haughtiness of your prance.” and “Confuse your enemy with mixed metaphors. Be like the wind beneath his keel.”
  3. Last of all, Lesser-Known Movie Prequels like Borderline-Inappropriate Dancing and There Are Plenty of Mohicans.

Heh. Go and read the whole thing.
Then head over to Instapundit’s place and see where you can donate to those affected by Katrina’s wrath.

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