Further Traveling Observations

  1. Potbelly Sandwich Works – Southern for “Quiznos”, only with milkshakes.
  2. Radio stinks everywhere, it’s just a matter of the precise nature of its suckage that varies from place to place.
  3. “Redneck Yacht Club”. Uhmmmmm…
  4. People obey the residential speed limits around here. It’s eerie to be driving and noting that everyone seems to be taking it easy, relatively speaking.
  5. Customer service in this area, whether it be in a restaurant, Whole Foods store or Target, people actually seem to, you know, not hate your guts for expressing a desire to exchange currency for goods and services. Strange, I know.
  6. This traveling stuff is a lonely affair. I don’t know how anyone could do it long-term. I miss my wife like crazy and it’s just been two and a half days.
  7. The selection of TV channels in hotels is routinely deplorable. At least The Mythbusters was on tonight.