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Doing What Humans Do Best: Face Down Adversity With Humor

UPDATE: I’ve reconsidered the tastefulness of this post (see here for details) and am leaving it in place. However, consider it superseded by the above-linked post.
Tragedies of the scale of Katrina are a difficult time for all involved and it’s always hard to find the right tone to address the issues surrounding them. Some among us have thrown caution to the wind and are in full-scale satire mode.
First off is Scrappleface’s modest proposal for what to do with New Orleans. Harsh.
Next up are IMAO’s Lessons from Katrina. A few choice lessons include:

It’s basic human nature: When resources run out – people will begin to loot for the basics – food, water, and big screen TV’s.
Money is flowing into the charity coffers. Charitable organizations can always use the extra money to fund rescue, provide comfort, and fund Air America.
Given a choice between compassion for those suffering and hating President Bush – many on the Left would choose the latter.
It makes sense that the first American city to be destroyed would be the one with the strongest French influence.
The job of the Mayor is to take care of the people in his city. When he fails at that – his secondary job becomes blaming the federal government.
America is resourceful. That’s what I love about our people.
FEMA is looking at bringing in cruise ships to provide shelter. It’s a good move provided that none of the people end up with the Norwalk Virus.

Lemonade out of lemons, I suppose.