Photoshop Funnies In “Hail The Swirly Cone” Land

Let’s pretend, for a moment, that you are an organization tasked with putting a positive spin on your medieval religion so as to make its largely anti-democratic, misogynist and xenophobic tenets seem almost palatable to Western audiences. However, you’ve also got to save face with your co-religionists and so you can’t be seen showing too much freedom and liberalism in your official communications.
As a part of your misogynist religious policies, you have found it’s useful to keep women “modest” by forcing them to cover all portions of their bodies not immediately needed for breathing, eating, etc. You then hold a press conference where *gasp* a few females’ hair can clearly be seen in official photographs! What to do? The vile female scientific hair rays might inflame the passions of passing viewers! I know, Photoshop hijabs on those rebellious women!
(Robert Spencer has higher resolution images of this insanity.)