Adventures In Church-Going

Those of you who know me and my “bad mojo” will not be surprised to hear that our adventures in power were by no means restricted to home this past weekend.
My wife, Will and I arrived at church Sunday morning and proceeded through our routine only with the normal roles reversed: she stayed in the theater lobby talking to folk while I took Will to the nursery. We grabbed coffee and donuts and then headed in to the theater. We sang along during the worship time and then settled back into our seats (well, I settled back, as my wife had to sit through worship because of her foot…) to listen to the sermon. Our pastor began to preach on Psalm 2 and the sovereignty of God when, at that very moment, the power went out and with it the lights, the sound system and the Power Point projector. The emergency lighting kicked on and, after making sure that we could hear him without his mic, our pastor continued with his sermon. He preached a very good sermon in the almost-dark, although his normal roving, pacing preaching style was a bit constrained, as he had to wander into the halo of light emitting from the emergency lights in order to read the scripture passages aloud. The theater manager snuck in up one of the side aisles and informed our pastor that someone had hit one of the power poles out in front of the Wawa across the street from the theater we meet in, thus taking out power to a good portion of the surrounding area. PECO must have some devoted employees, because around 2/3rds of the way through his message, the lights came back on. We were able to close out with the worship band having full access to their amps. *grin*
All in all, it had to be one of the more memorable Sunday services I’ve been to.