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Have you heard of the jaw-dropping genius of Snakes on a Plane, a forthcoming thriller starring Samuel L. Jackson. If you need a plot summary, it’s right there: Snakes on a Plane. Starring Samuel L. Jackson.
In any event, a commenter over on by the name of “bartfett” has penned an incredible deconstruction of the obvious thematic elements represented by S.o.a.P.. To wit:

I’ve been thinking about the underyling issues that Snakes on a Plane will raise and I’ve come up with an idea I think is very possible. Here’s what we know this film will have:
Sam Jackson

I’ve been able to figure out that this film will be a parable for the power of aviation in war. We know that snakes can symbolically mean evil, or even represent the devil himself. Generally many people consider their enemies to be devils.
The Year of the Snake on the Japanese calendar was, get this, Janurary 27, 1941 to February 14, 1942.
What happened on December 7th 1941, which happens to fall between the year of the snake? Pearl Harbor.
What did the Japanese use to attack pearl harbor with? Planes. Planes, which had been use for transporting people and other trade goods were now being used for evil purpose, for death. They had become a devil.
How does Snakes on a Plane relate to this? The snakes in Snakes on a Plane are a symbol for the Japanese’s evil use of aviation to destroy Pearl Harbor. In essence, this plane in the film, will be filled with Snakes. Without the Snakes the plane is just a harmless tool, but with snakes on it becomes a dangerous weapon. So you might say the snakes represent the possibility of turning aviation into a dangerous weapon. The snakes represent that possibility, they represent the Japanese during WWII. Once the “devils” aka Snakes infest the plane, it becomes a weapon that can harm.

Go and read the whole thing and stand in awe of the hilarity. Jeff Goldstein would be proud.