Don’t Call It A Condiment

…Cause I’m only playing catch-up.
See, because it’s a homonym with… Bah, never mind. On with the Friday Link Dump!
Hollywood is definitely out to retroactively destroy my childhood. How else can one explain their insistence on changing G.I. Joe from hard-charging defenders of America into a namby-pamby “international” strike force under the auspices of the U.N.? Gah! At least TNR has a funny take on the liberal NERFing of Jack Bauer Fox has planned for this next season.
The Top 10 Stadium Anthems That Must Be Retired. I could not agree more with the selections, although the suggested alternatives simply have to be jokes.
Sad news: Madeline L’Engle died yesterday. Funny resultant referential/reverential Fark headline: Tessa-wrecked: Madeline L’engle dies at 88.
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Anthology Of “Meh, Could Be Interesting”

[Yes, the post’s title is an invocation of a certain Futurama episode. -ed.]
Presenting, with very little fanfare, a collection of (mildly) amusing links, etc. collected lo these many days.
The USS Robert A. Heinlein? Too cool for school.
Every friggin’ Transformer, like, ever sold on eBay for a cool $1 million. Fark Photoshoppers envision what classic toys are due for a big screen incarnation in The Quest For More Money.
LOLMETAL: a very Goth-y, very unselfserious extension to the LOL* meme.
Money magazine came out with their Top 100 “Best Places to Live”; Horsham, PA, right in my back yard, scored spot #15 on the list. Horsham residents collectively scratched their heads in confusion, chuckled slightly and then resumed waiting in infuriating MontCo traffic.
Duke sci-fi nerd takes university paper invocation of Star Trek “cloaking devices” way too seriously, gets roundly made fun of and most likely pantsed. (Greg Filpus, we salute you!)
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Could Be Good, Could Be Bad

Steve Martin as Peter Sellers? Never bought it and the Pink Panther ended up being the walking travesty that it was. Steve Carrell as Maxwell Smart, though?
Oh, yes please.

Nice to see The Rock’s getting work again, too.

J.K., You Devious Fiend!

On this, the day of the latest Harry Potter film’s release, I stumbled across’ Top 6 Reasons Harry Potter Isn’t For Kids.
For instance, from Reason #3, “Welcome to the Wonderful World of White Supremacy”:

Rowling, on the other hand, takes the Law & Order approach, lifting the most evil things she could find in history books and changing the names enough that she could still call it fiction.
For instance, what are children supposed to make of the series’ antagonists, a group loosely organized around the ideal of “purity of blood?” What about their leader, Voldemort, who is the most rabid defender of blood purity despite that he himself is part Muggle? Cough, Hitler, cough.

Heh. It’s funny ’cause it’s true!
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And Now, Flying In The Face Of Convention, I Present: Some Videos

I know, I know, I abuse this crutch way too often, but the fact of the matter is that I’m busy almost all the time at work these days.
As a small token of my continued affection, dear readers, please accept my humble offer of
1) A description of Fair Use and copyright composed entirely of clips from Disney movies all individually passing the “fair use” threshhold:

2) A paean to the Super NES version of Killer Instinct, a game which grabbed my young brain by the cerebral cortex and refused to let go:

Jago 4 evar, baby!