Great, Now I Feel REALLY Old

Inside Higher Ed pointed to a list the other day detailing 75 things this year’s college freshmen class hasn’t ever encountered, including:

  • The concept of two Germanys
  • Smoking on airplanes
  • The Soviet Union
  • Being forced to distinguish between the baseball and football St. Louis Cardinals

The list of what they don’t know/haven’t encountered goes on, but to it I might add:

  • A TV dial without CNN
  • Actual TV dials
  • “3,2,1, Contact!” on PBS
  • The Red Army being both a military force and a vaunted force in hockey
  • “TGIF” on ABC
  • Saturday morning cartoons forming the anchorpoint for a generation of consumers
  • 9600 baud modems
  • The term “baud”

…And, I’m sure, many more. Jeez, could I feel any older and more decrepit right now?

2 Replies to “Great, Now I Feel REALLY Old”

  1. Been to We B Toys recently? G.I. Joe is all over the action figure aisle – their Sigma 6 series is the current hotness, as far as I can tell.

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