Everybuddy’s Verkink Fore Ze Veekend

It’s official: I’m about to lose my mind.
I’ve crested the “slap-happy” plateau and entered into a near-Zen-like phase, induced by working way too much these last few weeks.
I was called in on an emergency basis this past Saturday night and ended up working long into the night tracking down an issue with our authentication services, an issue that cropped up again on Tuesday, prompting me to stay in the office till about 10pm.
This weekend is our quarterly maintenance window and, while my team and I normally split the workload fairly effectively, we’ve been down a man for most of it. Our team lead had his second child on Wednesday and then had a death in the family, meaning that he’s functionally out of reach, leaving me in charge. Thus, I worked ’til almost 1am this morning and am headed for a late night tonight as well, plus some more hours tomorrow afternoon and, potentially, evening.
It’s weird being the “senior” guy – I’ve almost always had a team lead to turn to at times like this. Now, it’s people coming to me looking for advice, consent and sign-off on all manner of things. Freaky.
Hopefully nothing burns down. At least I’m getting mad overtime hours…