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tl;dr version: I joined 10up in October, been very busy since. We just released a fancy-dance new plugin named PushUp Notifications. You should get in on it. Long version: I joined 10up last October as a Senior Systems Engineer and have been head-down in systems for some pretty large customers since then. Obviously, blog output […]


Good News, Everyone! (A Job!)

I’m extremely excited to announce that I have agreed to take a position with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (aka CHOP) starting in early August. I will be working as a senior Linux administrator in their research department and will get a chance to ply my trade in pursuit of gene sequencing and population studies […]

Blogging General Work

I’m Speaking At WordCamp Philly

Write down the date — October 30, 2010, the day before Halloween, I’m due to speak at WordCamp Philly down at Temple University in Philadelphia. I’m incredibly honored to be given the chance to speak on a topic near to my heart: Making WordPress Work AT Work. I plan on posting a series of articles […]

Open Source Software Work

Making phpPgAdmin Work

This post is more of a reminder to myself than anything else. It took me a while and a bit of Googling to find the right answer. If you’re using phpPgAdmin to administer PostgreSQL databases and you want to be able to alter records from the web-based interface — i.e., you want each row to […]

Humor Linux Work

From The Dep’t Of Unintentional Hilarity

I don’t think the hiring committee really knows what it’s asking for on this one. “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. RedHate leads to a general dislike of humanity and root access.”

Site News Work

…Huh? Whazzat?

Fear not, long-suffering readers, for lo!, I am yet alive. I’ve been reliving the last week each of the last three, namely: working ’til around 1am Monday and Tuesday followed up by general craziness with church-related stuff Wednesdays and Thursdays and then, more likely than not, time off on Fridays. Things have calmed down for […]

Site News Work

Seasons’ Change

Regular readers will have noticed that updates have been, well, sporadic around these parts. There’s a very good reason for this: September 4th marked my 7th anniversary at my company; September 5th, I was offered a new job. Monday was my last day at my old company, which I’ve always declined to mention, as it […]

Humor Music Observations Work

Wildly Inappropriate Bathroom Music Selections, August 2008 Edition

Thanks, WJJZ, for Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” at 11:15 in the A.M. Nothing spices up a trip to the loo like that song, eh wot?

Computers Work

Bravo, Sun. Bra. VO.

As you’ll note, there was very little blog output ’round these parts two days ago (read: I didn’t post a single durn thing). This was entirely due to a very, very long 16 hour day which featured a large-scale LAN outage. The root cause was a bit of a heat problem we had about a […]

Linux Outright Geekage Work

Just Call Me MacGyver: Systems Administrator

I’m working a bit late today as I had to schedule some downtime for a critical piece of hardware that needed to be powered down, lightly disassembled, have a part replaced and then powered back up. As I unscrewed the part to be replaced, I thought to myself “Boy, it’d sure stink if I dropped […]