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Don’t Call It A Condiment

…Cause I’m only playing catch-up. See, because it’s a homonym with… Bah, never mind. On with the Friday Link Dump! Hollywood is definitely out to retroactively destroy my childhood. How else can one explain their insistence on changing G.I. Joe from hard-charging defenders of America into a namby-pamby “international” strike force under the auspices of […]

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The First Rule Of Corporate Compliance Training

…Is: The correct answer is not, as one might think, the right (ethically, morally, etc.) one, but instead the one that will end up costing the Company the least amount of money in court proceedings. Keeping this rule and its close cousins (“When in doubt, the snitchy answer is best” and “Reprisals aren’t real and, […]

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In The Absence Of Real Content…

Work still continues to be insane, so I’ve had no time for blogging on breaks. While you look for meaningful content elsewhere, why not see what George Bush views as the #1 threat to America: zombies. …Or is the #1 threat Guillermo? (Salty late night Kimmel language warning)

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Dear Abby…

A brief question, dear readers: What, precisely, is the proper workplace restroom response to a coworker who, by all appearances, is talking to his toilet bowl, other than fleeing the scene at top speed? Follow-up question: What is the proper response when encountering said coworker in the hallway later in the day? (Note that he […]

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Blogslacking (Or, As I Like To Call It, “Doing Real Work”)

I’ve been very busy here at WWDC these past two days and thus haven’t really had time to post much. Classes have been interesting and mostly useful. I got a chance to go out and see Ocean’s 13 the other night. My one sentence review: sappy, sentimental, a bit contrived, not much suspense, worse than […]

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Airport Blogging

I’m sitting in PHL waiting for my flight to arrive and ferry me off to Apple’s WWDC ’07 and must admit to a good deal of excitement. Not only am I going to get to attend my first Stevenote (one that should include iPhone and Leopard info aplenty) but, as Matt Mullenweg mentioned, I’ll be […]

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Burning The Midnight Oil At Both Ends, And Other Mixed Metaphors

I’m sitting here at work at ~9pm EDT waiting for several servers to finish their upgrade processes and realized that I had quelle shock! horreur! forgotten to post, so busy was I all the livelong day. Consider this my penance: Fred! Thompson’s site is live and living large — it reportedly brought in over $200,000 […]

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Work has been in-to-the-sane as of late (read: stuff physically blew up. Wonderful stuff, capacitance…) and I just haven’t had the energy to work up some proper posts. In the meantime, here’s video footage of a full-grown man whipping the snot out of other full-grown men with a toy lightsaber: “Mendel Doug” is apparently a […]

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Nice Inbox You’ve Got There — Shame If Something Were To Happen To It…

An enterprising Slashdotter, spurred by a pair of articles, asks Are Sysadmins Really that Bad? The short answer is: yes, yes we are. The long answer is: be nice to us, include us on the planning stages of your projects, tell us when we’ve done either good or bad things, always remember Sysadmin Appreciation Day […]

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As If I Needed Any Further Reasons To Avoid Jersey Whenever Possible

Were it not for the fact that I work in New Jersey and have many friends there, I would stay as far away as possible, particularly in light of the recent revelations that NJ State Police are a bunch of whiny, self-satisfied punks with their tails in a twist over criticism they’ve taken after crashing […]