$5 Bill Makeover Screams “I am a five”, “Fabulous!”

The fiver.The Treasury Dept. is looking to issue new $5 bills (since apparently the current bill is being bleached and then reprinted as counterfeit $100s in staggering numbers) and, to combat the forgers, they have initiated changes to make Lincoln’s currency more in line with other recently-revised issues (from the $100s all the way down to the $10s).

“We wanted this redesigned bill to scream, ‘I am a five. I am a five,”‘ Larry Felix, director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing said in an interview with The Associated Press. “We wanted to eliminate any similarity or confusion on the part of the public between the $5 bill and the $100 bill.”

So how did the Treasury decide to redesign the bill dedicated to the greatest former president unable to shake persistent rumors of a secret homosexual lifestyle? By sprinkling the resulting design with a lovely, pale shade of Tinky-Winky-esque purple that could almost politely be referred to as “periwinkle”.
I think someone over at the UST must have a great sense of humor…

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