Football Folderol

Tony Romo
First off, the bad:

2007 Week 2 Fantasy Football Results

League: Fulford’s Heroes
Deep Fried Turkey defeats Hiphopopotamuses, 114.30 to 106.40.
*sigh* Jemaine’s luck runs out in the second week. I forgot to start Randy Moss who would have netted me another 15 points and secured a win. Them’s the breaks, I guess.
Next, the good:
Rhymenocerouses defeat Shake & Bake, 116.90 to 93.06.
Bret, on the other hand, did remember to start Moss and was rewarded with a win for his vigilance.
Last, the funny:
Eagles Fans Give McNabb Three-Week Deadline To Win Super BowlOnion Sports Network.

PHILADELPHIA—Frustrated with the Eagles’ last-second 16-13 loss to the Green Bay Packers last Sunday, and with quarterback Donovan McNabb’s failure to single-handedly score three touchdowns, prevent two of his teammates from muffing punts, or block any of Green Bay’s field goals, thousands of Philadelphia fans demanded that McNabb win an NFL championship for Philadelphia sometime within the next three weeks.

Heh. It would be far funnier if it weren’t true.