Splume: Naughty-Sounding Name, Addicting Game

If you have ever played and enjoyed Puzzle Bobble or any of its variants and if you value your time, family, or dare I say sanity, you will avoid Splume, a free web-based “shoot-the-bubbles-to-pop-’em” game with a dedicated physics engine and beautiful graphics.
Do not say I didst not warn thee, for lo, it is so. Proceed with caution.

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  1. This is a non-starter. It requires unity player which does not do Linux.

  2. Ungrateful so-and-so. I’ve obviously saved you a lot of wasted time. *grin*
    Just do what I do: use your Mac!

  3. That looks like an acid trip gone bad. Now all it needs is a soundtrack of Dr. Seuss and it will be complete.

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