Let Me Show You My Flying Segway. My Flying Segway, Let Me Show You It.

VertipodThe VertiPod. I want it. Oh, how badly do I want it.
Cruising at 40mph at between 5 and 15 feet off the ground? Yes. Yes, please.
You’re not a red-blooded American geek if you don’t pine after such technology. “Be back in a bit, honey. Just popping down to the corner store for a gallon of milk on my personal levitation device.”
The only potential downside (apart from getting your feet sucked into the prop and ground into gooey hamburger patties)? The fan noise will drown out the Jetson car noises I will be making with my mouth while cruising just off the ground.


The “Let Me Show You It” Formulation is the perfect way to make any topic funny. Til now, I had only seen the phrase in Fake Motivational Posters and LOLcats. (and, yes, combinations of the two.) I am now going to make it a point to use “Let Me Show You It/Them” at least once a month on my own blog.
And yeah, I would totally make the Jetsons sound with my mouth, too.