How Many Freudians Does It Take To Screw In AReplace A Lightbulb?

Talk about your crushing disappointments.
My wife used to traverse her usual blog haunts, checking each in succession to see whether they had updated with any fresh content, that is, until I introduced her to Google Reader. Now, she reads feeds with the best of ’em and even uses the Sharing feature to note stories of interest.
Thus it was that I saw the following article pop up in her Shared Items:
I tend to skim my feeds fairly rapidly, so of course my male brain stem/id didn’t see “erratic” in the above, but rather the far more Freudian alternative (lose an “r”, substitute an “o” for an “a”…). Needless to say, I ceased skimming and took a second to take in what exactly such an activity might entail before the reasonable ego took over and said “Ohhhhh, e-RAT-ic homemaking! That’s much less fun.”

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[dang] Mind the language, if you please. Thanks! -ed.. you got screwed. are all men like that? coz i certainly saw what you saw too. until you mentioned it. sometimes women are right about our one track minds. but im not complaining. makes my life more colourful