Best Use Of A Cake Song In A Propaganda Video EVAR

Via lgf, we have this excellent contra-Obama propaganda video, spun to the tune of Cake’s “Comfort Eagle”. Well done, lads:

Regardless of whether you plan on voting for the man, you have to agree that the pseudo-religious aspect that his campaign has gathered (some would say “fostered”) is just a tad creepy.


MORE than a tad. The feigned faintings were pretty weird. I mean come on it was obviously part of the act. Similar to the tent revivals where they have people faint because the spirit of the lord entered them and they were overwhelmed. My American black friends can be very superstitious. So maybe that works for them. They better realize they need white votes and this sort of thing only works a short while on them!

At least Obama knows how many houses he has. Mighty Whitey didn’t. He lost…