The Importance Of Being Earnest

Sometimes pursuing something earnestly is so earnest that it wraps the whole way around through self-parody and back into earnestness. For instance, Sonseed’s “Jesus Is My Friend”:

I first saw this video when it was passed along by my pastors, each of whom was taking friendly wagers as to whether it’s merely really, really bad 80’s Christian popska, or whether it’s so bad, so cheesy that it simply must be a modern a parody. If you guessed “parody”, well, aparently you’re wrong. Either that, or it’s a very well coordinated viral campaign.
In any event, enjoy the video, and good luck getting the song out of your head.

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  1. That was all kinds of wrong from the clothing to the lucite drum set to the…SONG!! BAD EVIL BLOGMASTER!!! EVIIIIIIIL

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