Google Wave Invites

Guave Eeenvites
I just recently wrangled my way onto Google Wave and, well, there’s not a whole lot of folks to talk with as of yet, since invites are so scarce. However, I’ve a total of four Wave invites sitting in my Inbox, waiting for disbursal.
So, the first four people that either follow me on Twitter (@zamoose) and/or are able to guess what Weird Al song I’m thinking of right now get an invite.

  1. Once you’ve followed, leave a comment on this post so that I can send your invite to the appropriate email address.
  2. It’ll be a subjective thing, but if it seems like you’re a spammer or a very new account on Twitter, I’ll give you a pass on the invite.

11 Replies to “Google Wave Invites”

    1. Ryan, peyges:
      Booyakasha. Invites sent. It’ll take a couple of days to clear (at least, it did for me when I got mine…)

  1. Cory:
    Invite registered. As I said above, it’ll take a couple of days to wend through the system, but it should arrive soon.

  2. I just followed you, and I hope you are/were thinking about “Fat” (the Michael Jackson, “Bad” parody).

    1. All of my current crop of invites has now been consumed. I’m taking names for my next round of invites.
      No dice on your Weird Al guess, but the Twitter follow puts you at #1 for my next round. I’ll email you or @-reply you when I’ve sent it.

  3. “Fat”… that was my next guess…
    and if that wasn’t right, then “Eat It” 🙂
    actually saw Weird Al, many years a ago, here in Vancouver, at an animated film festival.

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