Elbee Elgee 1.3.7

Fire up your updaters, folks: I’ve released Elbee Elgee version 1.3.7. This is entirely a bugfix for regressions introduced in 1.3.6, namely:

  • Issues Fixed
    • Top-level drop-downs should now be styled correctly and consistently
    • Custom menus added as widgets should no longer get styling from top-level menus

So go ahead and grab it from the official repo or simply check under your Dashboard -> Updates.
Happy downloading!


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I want to traduce Elbee Elgee to french but it’s not so easy without a /lang folder and is .mo and .po files. Have you a solution ? If possible the next Elbee Elgee will be easy to traduce with the classical folder and files for that.
I hope that my english isn’t so bad

Internationalization is VERY high on my priorities list. Would you be willing to contribute a French translation? That would be great!

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