Note: This is not a paid plug (I’m not a Backblaze affiliate) — I’m merely a satisfied customer.
Do you back your stuff up? I mean, not just on-site (external hard drive, DVDs, etc.), but do you do off-site backups too?
I do, and have done so, by means of Backblaze for about the past 18 months. The experience has always been a painless one and for a mere $5 a month or so, I can be confident that all my pictures of my kids are safe and sound.
The company itself has taken to releasing some cool behind-the-scenes videos, the first of which is here (the second is after the jump):

My message to you: You really should be backing up your computers, regardless of your provider. It could be Backblaze, or Mozy, or even JungleDisk (I’ve not yet tried Bitcasa; to be frank, the architecture kind of scares me). Just back it up, now, before something goes wrong and you lose something you’d really have preferred not to.