Chirac PS

Best. Fark. Photoshop. Ever.
View with caution, as I got some very strange looks from coworkers as I tried to stifle my guffaws.
Dig it.

Saddam Heisman(?)

I saw a great bilboard on I95 North tonight. It featured a large picture of Saddam Hussein on the left side, striking an almost Heisman-worthy pose. The text read (and I’m paraphrasing here, as I can’t remember the exact words):

Mister Hussein:
Give Peace A Chance
Go Into Exile

The sight so suprised me that I very nearly ran my car off the road.
I’ll see if I can find a picture.


A thought occurred to me the other night:
I don’t think I could ever be a Third World dictator.
The amount of discipline one must maintain in order to run a country with an iron fist is far too daunting. Plus, I’m not enough of a control freak, nor am I overly concerned with germs.
And the hair! Take Kim Jung Il, for instance. Has anyone informed Lyle Lovett that someone has stolen his signature coiff, let alone a megalomaniacal Third World dictator?